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Pros and Cons of Landscape Paving Materials

Landscape paving. It's one of the best ways to add value to your residential or commercial property. It's a practical and beautiful way to refurbish your property’s exterior. Additionally, enhanced curb appeal goes a long way in the real estate business.

Enhance the look of your home or business with new patios, decks, walkways, and driveways. This not only improve the aesthetics of your property’s exterior but it also improves its functionality. The specialists at Southern Walker Landscape Design have the knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship necessary to design and install a beautiful long-lasting landscape paving addition to your property. The first step in landscape paving design and installation is to consider what materials to use. We understand the positives and negatives associated with these materials. Here are a few basics to help property owners get started.

Concrete Paving

Concrete is a highly versatile, extremely durable, easy-to-install landscape paving material. It is also extremely low maintenance, relatively easy to repair, and comes in a wide range of colors and surface treatments. Decorative concretes are for perfect for pools, decks, walkways, and more.


Although less versatile than concrete, cobblestone is a great landscape paving option that can provide an classic European look to any property. Cobblestones are highly durable, and if properly installed, will look great for a very longtime. Because cobblestones create an uneven surface, they are not recommended for high traffic areas such as driveways and pool decks.


Brick is the happy medium between cobblestone and concrete landscape paving. Brick brings a classic old-world look like cobblestone. But it still has the functionality of a smooth even concrete surface. Although not as versatile in design as concrete, brick is highly suitable for heavy traffic areas like patios and driveways.

Southern Walker Landscape Design provides expert advice on how to beautify the exterior of your property through landscape paving additions.

If you are looking for a hardscaping design expert in the Knoxville/Chattanooga, TN area, call Southern Walker Landscape Design at 423-745-4491 or contact us online.


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