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3 Tips for Healthy Landscaping Maintenance Through Winter

Whether you are looking to spend the winter months this year in the sunny south, or bundling up in a northern cabin, you’re going to need to give some time and attention to your landscaping maintenance routines to ensure that it rides out the winter as comfortably as you do. There are a number of different landscaping maintenance measures you can take now to protect your landscaping and hardscaping so that, come springtime, you will have a beautiful, lush landscape for you and your family to enjoy once again. You can’t ignore your landscaping maintenance just because it gets cold outside, as many of the things that lead to a healthy landscape in the spring, start with proper winter care. If you didn’t get a chance to winterize your landscape in the fall, don’t fret, because it isn’t too late. Listed below are three essential landscaping maintenance tips you can follow, or hire a professional landscaping company to perform, that will ensure your landscaping has what it needs to bounce back strong come springtime.

Lawn Maintenance

If you have or are looking for grass that you can maintain year after year, it is important to use cool season grasses. During the winter, you will want to mow less frequently, and make sure you leave the grass a little bit longer than you would during the summer. The extra length will help your grass store the nutrients it needs to make it through the winter intact. You can also use a mower that mulches grass as you mow so you can leave the clippings where they fall as an added protection from the cold weather. If you happen to have some warm winter days, you can also do a bit of seed sowing and some deep watering, which will work to give your grass a head start for the spring. If you use salt to melt ice or snow on your driveway, it is important to make sure that you avoid getting the salt on your grass, as the chemicals can seriously damage your plants.

Plant Maintenance

Most plants aren’t overly fond of the cold, but there are things you can do that will make their lives easier this winter. For one, you can cut back on the watering frequency for both trees and bushes. It is also ideal to trim back your perennials and pull up any annuals you may have. You can consider adding winter-proof plants in to fill these gaps. It is also a good idea to wrap tree trunks and any other large shrubs with canvas or burlap, and if you see any of your tree branches becoming laden with snow, you can use a broom to know the snow free before the additional weight has a chance to break any of your branches.


Ideally, it is best to take care of any hardscaping issues before the cold weather finally sets in, but if you haven’t it’s not the end of the world. If you get a clear sunny day or two, it might be a good opportunity to check out all of the areas of your driveways, walkways, porches, patios, and decks for any signs of wear and tear. This can be a great time to fill in any cracks you find, as these tend to expand if they get hammered with rain or weighed down by snow. If you have a wooden deck, this can be a great time to give it a thorough cleaning and pound in any loose nails. If you happen to have a dry day where the temperature is above at least 32 degrees F, you can also take this opportunity to sand and seal it with a waterproof sealant. You will also want to make sure that you bring in any tables, chairs, pillows, or rugs, as these might have been great during the summer, but can suffer some serious wear and tear during winter rain, snow, and wind.

If you are looking for an landscape maintenance expert in the Knoxville/Chattanooga, TN area, call Southern Walker Landscape Design at 423-745-4491 or contact us via online.


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