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“The best time to 

 plant a tree was 

20 years ago.

The second best 

time is now.”

— Chinese Proverb 
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Southern Walker Landscape Design keenly understands the importance of a well-thought-out design with regards to your home or corporate landscape. However, without proper installation expertise, your design will never look and feel the way you’ve envisioned it. Yes, our experienced staff develops innovative designs. But we also build precise, on-time, and on-budget installations as well.


Whether it’s the foundation of your wall, patio, or the soil amendments in your planting beds, we happily spend the time to thoroughly follow your design specifications and install the project completely to your satisfaction.



  • Provide a layout of the installation project for the owner’s approval

  • Ensure proper drainage

  • Prepare beds with custom plant mix

  • Treat beds for weed control

  • Implement proper planting protocols for specific site conditions

  • Apply proper mulching that ensures healthy growth

  • Provide a one-year warranty on the health of our plants


  • Provide a layout of the project for the owner's approval

  • Execute proper excavation depth for wall foundations and patio bases

  • Double check all elevations with a laser level

  • Ensure proper drainage

  • Carefully confirm the precision of all the detail cuts.

Soil Preparation

Beautiful landscaping begins with great soil. Ever wondered why one landscape design firm’s bid is less than another? It could come down to one thing: Topsoil quality. Properly prepared soil is a combination of organic matter and topsoil and should be low in rock, clay, and sand. This produces the correct amount nutrients needed for healthy plant growth and sustainability.

Your plants will live or die based on the condition of the soil. So, preparation is the first step toward success. Plants need the proper environment to thrive. We don’t skip this labor intensive step because we understand there are no easy shortcuts for achieving great, long-term results.

Going the Extra Mile

Since many plants grow in the top 12" of most soil, we put extra effort into making the very best top layer. We till our landscape beds to a depth of 10" to 12" and remove large rocks and other debris uncovered during this step. Then we add a layer of organic matter mixed with topsoil. Next, we dig holes for the plants that are about three times wider than the root ball or container. This gives the plant room to expand within a optimized environment.

Going the extra mile is what we do. This benefits the plants, protects our client’s investment, and offers the enjoyment of a beautiful landscape for years to come.

If you are looking for a landscape design expert in the Knoxville/Chattanooga, TN area, call Southern Walker Landscape Design at 423-745-4491 or contact us online.
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