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The Three "S"s of Landscape Lighting

To make sure that your property’s landscape is as attractive as possible, install lighting. Why let that landscape disappear each night when the sun goes down?

Landscape lighting illuminates your hard work, and often makes it look even better than it does during the day. With the perfect outdoor scheme you can enhance and accentuate the most attractive parts of your landscape.

Under-lit trees, a subtle light wash over your garden, building up-lights—illumination has endless options. Our professionals will provide you with not only an artful design but perfect mechanical installation as well. Our installation will connect all of your fixtures to a singular power source, which will enable you to control your lights from inside your home. There are three things you want to make sure are incorporated into your landscape lighting design: Safety, security, and sophistication. Lighting for...


Safety is one of the first tenets of landscape design, and lighting steps and path is a great means to that end. Attentiveness to how the shadows will cast, determine the side from where the light will cast. We want to make sure the pathways are visible. Eyebrow or niche lights on steps also enhance safety, and they can add a great look.


Once safety issues are solved, the next step is security. Lighting can be a great deterrent to burglars or criminals. Another perk is that it creates a feeling of comfort for guests as well. A well-lit landscape provides a more inviting atmosphere.


After addressing the safety and security issues, the real fun of ambiance begins. There is a pantry full of creative effects that are possible with illumination. By using different techniques and fixtures, the artistry of lighting can deliver a beautiful nighttime scene.

If you are looking for a hardscaping design expert in the Knoxville/Chattanooga, TN area, call Southern Walker Landscape Design at 423-745-4491 or contact us online.



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