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“The best time to 

 plant a tree was 

20 years ago.

The second best 

time is now.”

— Chinese Proverb 
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“A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”  —Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect


Southern Walker Landscape Design’s outdoor spaces are forever evolving. Maintaining this growth and change is critical to your landscape’s form, function, and future. Because we are interested in keeping your space looking its very best, we offer a wide range of maintenance services. Our experts perform seasonal tasks such as proper pruning and fertilizer, herbicide, and fungicide applications as well as simple tasks for the upkeep of your plants.


We also fulfill the smallest chores on your “to do” list. These may include mowing, weed control, leaf removal, and seasonal cleanups to name just a few.

Irrigation Maintenance

Once your landscape design and installation is complete, irrigation is critical to the health of your lawn and landscape. A proper irrigation plan will save you money, nourish your landscape, and save our precious resources from waste.


Under-watering can negatively impact the roots of your grass, shrubs, and other plants. This can lead to their death as well as increase bug activity.

Over-watering can encourage fungus, disease, and uncontrollable weeds. A good irrigation plan typically runs in the early morning while the evaporation rate is low and before the heat of the day rises. A good plan also insures head-to-head coverage for your lawn and landscape.

Pruning Maintenance

Proper pruning ensures long-lasting use and pleasure from your outdoor space. Our professional plans take into account the time of year, type of plants, aesthetics, techniques, safety, and general form of the plants. For example, we start with the removal of any dead, diseased, or damaged stems/branches as soon as we see them because these attract insects and invite disease. Then we will follow a plan based on the before mentioned considerations and client goals.


Customized Service

Our scheduled maintenance programs are customized to your property’s needs and to the level of service you desire. By setting up a property needs and assessment visit, we can help you maintain your outdoor investment for years to come.

Our custom residential and commercial maintenance programs help guide the growth of the ever-changing landscape. We can provide landscape maintenance services that will ensure the proper upkeep of the form, function, and future of your space. 

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